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Message from the GPPU Program director

 In order to understand the universe, it is indispensable to ensure in close cooperation with Particle and Nuclear physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics.

 In the field called, Physics for the Universe, global interactive collaboration has been carried out in recent years and as experimental research, our ongoing large-scale projects continue to have a significant presence.

 Graduate Program on Physics for the Universe (GPPU) to produce graduates equipped to achieve the higher personnel who can lead international projects and play an active part in their global employability.

 The GPPU program will make new efforts such as academic leadership in higher education and practical education of advanced experimental technology, to enhance graduates abilities to develop public speaking and leadership skills which are able to speak convincingly in the international environment, lead discussion to a conclusion and determine the direction of projects, to enhance abilities to have things in perspective and find a solution for the problem and is able to use advanced and versatile technology.

 Because the skill level GPPU fosters and expects is more useful to play an active part globally, which is based on each specialty and the technical study practiced at each laboratory, I'd like to administer the GPPU program to support each of their skills to work and develop in a manner that produces synergy.

 I'm looking forward to meeting a number of high spirited students who join GPPU program, and seeing their future success widely throughout the world after graduation from GPPU.

Professor, RCNS Director
GPPU Program Director

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